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Seeking Talent

Having the right talent in your group means your group will produce innovative and impactful solutions to imaging problems in neuroscience and health imaging research. Finding the right graduate and post-doctoral talent is increasingly difficult.

Help ease the search for graduate and postdoctoral talent by submitting opportunities to Skope Radar. Skope Radar collects job postings from MR and neuroscience imaging research labs and provides connections to students searching for opportunities.


Open Positions

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Seeking Opportunity

Finding the right opportunity for graduate and post-doctoral work can be challenging. With literally a world of options available, what makes a research group the right one to continue your career?

Skope Radar can help match you with top imaging physics and neuroscience labs who are looking for talented students. Submit a resume today to be connected with world leaders in MR physics, MR engineering, and neuroscience imaging.