Skope™ Care

Skope Care protects your investment and ensures that you can remain productive. Stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in field monitoring technology!

  • Ensure that you have the latest field monitoring hardware and software to produce your best results 
  • Lab members come and go, do not lose time training new members!
  • Prevent costly downtime with annual quality assurance checks and a prioritized response to issues

Successful application of products is often tightly connected to a fast and reliable support getaway. Service contracts are aimed at providing solutions for care-free options, investment protection, premium support, and to influence the roadmap of a product. Their added value include extending the warranty period as well as access to the latest product innovations. 

Skope Care

Giving you the options you need to be successful

Different labs have different needs and getting the service contract that is right for your lab is important.

Whether you need to train new members, prepare grants for funding agencies, or implement field monitoring for a new application, Skope Care has an option that is right for you.

Skope Care helps you to secure your investment and stay up to date with current field monitoring technologies. Have the peace of mind of knowing that the solution is only one email away. 

Skope Care provides a simple solution for maintaining your ability to conduct field monitoring experiments. With Skope Care, you can get not only complete break-fix coverage of your system but also:  

  • Access to regular hardware and software updates 
  • Training for new lab members 
  • Consulting for sequence and reconstruction implementations 
  • Consulting for application development 

Our customer success team has over 50 years combined experience amongst the five team members in
MR imaging, hardware, and image processing.


Skope Care Plans


Key Features

Software and hardware service

Skope regularly updates all of our software offerings to provide new features and bug fixes. Software service includes updates for all modules within skope-fx, skope-i, and add-on modules. Make sure you have access to all of the software you need to create your field monitored sequence or make your neuroscience study a success.

Similarly, hardware updates available at the all-inclusive level ensure that your system will be compatible with the latest software. Hardware service provides break-fix support for purchased hardware. Do not let hardware issues get in the way of your experiments!


Care-free options and investment protection 

You regularly QA your scanner system to ensure the best performance, your Skope Acquisition System should receive regular QA as well. Annual QA ensures that you can conduct your research with confidence in your field monitoring measurements! QA measurements are scheduled at your convenience and results are delivered in an easy understand report.

Extend the warranty of your system by opting for Skope Care plan right from the beginning. Warranty repairs under Skope Care are handled under our prioritized service scheduling, which gets you a solution plan and repairs fast.

Want to register your current system for Skope Care? Contact us for a system inspection that will determine what, if anything, you need to do to get Skope Care coverage for your system!


Continuous training 

Skope Care also ensures that your team receives ongoing training. We understand that the research environment has high turn-over as students move through the lab. Training provided through Skope Care allows new students to rapidly become proficient with field dynamic physics and the use of Skope tools to measure and correct images with respect to those dynamics! 


Advanced support

Research often means tough questions. Get answers for your most difficult field monitoring questions with Skope Care. Our customer success team will work with you to get the best results from your system and for your application. We are equipped to provide advice on all steps of your research, from initial integration of Skope hardware into your imaging experiments to workflow implementation for large neuroscience imaging studies.

*Header Image: Courtesy of Klaas Prüssmann and group, IBT ETH Zurich and University of Zurich