Clip-on Camera “Cranberry” Edition

The Clip-on Camera “Cranberry” Edition comes fully configured to operate in your 7T scanner, which improves workflow for configuration and integration. Based on our well-established Clip-on Camera, “Cranberry” delivers our neuroimaging solution right at the doorstep of your 7T scanner.

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  • The slide in/out hardware integration-kit positions the field probes in your Nova Medical Head Coil 1TX / 32RX with optimized field-probe locations to minimally disturb or modify the coil itself. No need for additional “clips”, repeatable, reliable positioning every time.
  • The well-characterized probe placement utilizes predefined calibration procedures and wizards to guide you through the set-up processes.
A fully configured edition of the Clip-on Camera designed to operate in 7T scanners.
Clip-on Camera Clip-on Camera “Cranberry” Edition
Optimized workflow and neuroimaging performance for scientific 7T MR imaging
Field strength 1.5T – 11.7T 7T
Slide in/out probe positioning kit compatible with Nova Medical Head Coil 1TX / 32RX
Optimal positioning supporting low-noise k-coefficient estimation User responsibility
Next generation field sensors based on NeuroCam technology
Fast connect field sensor cables
Cable traps positioning User responsibility
Scanner compatible frontend fixture
Defined probe cable lengths User responsibility
Fast connect to acquisition system
Position and off-resonance calibration sequence (Pulseq)
Clip-on Camera environment calibration sequence (Pulseq)
Calibration positioning unit
skope-fm extension accounting for Clip-on Camera environment
skope-i image reconstruction software

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