Meet some of our users.

University of Paris-Saclay, France
Dr. Nicolas Boulant, Head of the MR acquisition group and scientific director of the 11.7T project
Our Clip-on Camera has been invaluable to monitor field stability and fluctuations in MR thermometry. If thermal measurements are to remain non-invasive in vivo, it is impossible to obtain definite proof without in situ measurements. Our confidence in the results simply is greatly amplified thanks to field monitoring.
University of Minnesota, USA
Pierre-François Van de Moortele, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
“The camera was of invaluable help to troubleshoot one of our human ultra-high-field systems, where it has been monitoring field instabilities for many weeks with great success.”
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Klaas P. Prüssmann, Prof. Dr., Director
Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBT)
“Fast, non-Cartesian imaging is simpler than ever since we rely on the Dynamic Field Camera for system characterization and trajectory measurement. Real-time field monitoring with a Clip-on Camera has become a cornerstone of our 7T program. It really helps us harness the power of ultra-high field.”
UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands
D.W.J. Klomp, PhD
“At the UMC Utrecht we have built up quite some experience with the 16-channel Skope system for monitoring B0 field fluctuations in the human body at high field. We strive to stabilize sensitive MRI and MRS/MRSI acquisitions by correcting the acquisition and reconstruction techniques for B0 instabilities caused by (involuntary) patient movement.”
University of Zurich, Switzerland
Zoltan Nagy, PhD, Head of MRI Physics
“We are end-users of this technology who expect ease of use. Our installation was a seamless process during which both sales team and the MR experts at Skope were a pleasure to work with.”
University of Nottingham, UK
Laura Bortolotti, PhD
Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre
I've been using the Skope Clip-on Camera since 2016, as it has been the key instrument for both my Masters' and PhD projects. For the first time, the Clip-on Camera has been used in a Philips 7T scanner to predict head motion parameters from measurements of magnetic field fluctuations caused by head motion. The Skope staff have always been really helpful in sorting out any issues that I faced as my project developed over the past 5 years. The field camera is a very friendly solution that gives room to personalize data acquisition thanks to the MatLab-package scanner interface.