Vote for the strangest or most interesting artifact!

We’ve asked the community to submit their strangest or most interesting artifact they have encountered in MR, the root cause, and how they ended up solving it. Vote for your favorite! (Deadline 31/5/2021)

Artifact No 1

by Dr Frédéric Grouiller

We did not fully understand the cause but it was due to the presence of a 32-channel MR-compatible EEG cap and particularly to the wire connecting the EEG cap to the amplifier. We scanned many subjects with MR-compatible EEG and it was the first time we were facing this artifacts. It was probably due to a particular routing of the wire and were not able to reproduce it. MRI has been acquired in a Siemens Trio 3T.

Multi-band spiral trajectory.
Artifact No 2

by Paul Dubovan

What I am showing in the image is a diffusion weighted image of the brain with an in-plane resolution of 1.5 mm. The image was acquired using a spiral readout and was reconstructed using an expanded encoding model involving a field map and the full third-order spherical harmonic terms measured with the Skope system. In all our reconstructed images, we were observing these dark bands and geometric distortions as outlined in the red box in the left frontal lobe, which we could not initially explain. Upon further investigation, we noticed substantial field offsets in the same region of the brain appearing in field maps. We suspected this was due to the insufficient suppression of fat signal. Repeating the scan while ensuring the field maps were fat suppressed, the resulting field maps were much more uniform in field deviation, and in turn the artifacts in the brain images were significantly reduced.

Multi-band spiral trajectory.
Artifact No 3

by Renzo Huber

This is a movie of an fMRI time series that last’s 15 min. 3D-EPI with 0.8mm isotropic resolutions. TR approx 9s.
Underlay is a mean T1-weighted EPI. Overlay is deviation from mean across time time points.
Noteworthy is that this is an average of 25 runs.
Acquired at SIEMENS 7T (classical MAGENTOM) located at Scannexus with 3rd-order shim.
With in the Mr-methods group (Benedikt Poser) of the MBIC, FPN, University of Maastricht.

Artifact No 4

by Dr Tobias Wood

The subject was wearing their own fabric Covid mask.
The mask was removed and replaced with a clinical paper mask.

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