Karin Markenroth Bloch, PhD Swedish National 7T facility at Lund University


(00:22) Question 1How will future generations handle gender equality?

(00:55) Question 2Do different generations think differently about gender equality?

(01:27) Question 3How important is gender diversity?


Karin Markenroth Bloch leads the Swedish National 7T facility at Lund University. She obtained a PhD in Nuclear Physics from Chalmers University of Technology, after which she started her career in MRI at DRCMR, Copenhagen, at one of the first Nordic 3T scanners in clinical use. These early experiences stimulated her interest in leveraging the potential of high field strength in clinical applications as much as research and neuroscience. Following a career in Philips as a clinical scientist, Dr. Markenroth Bloch returned to academia to start up and, since 2016, head the Swedish National 7T facility. In this role, her ambition is to make 7T MR broadly accessible to users in a range of applications. Her personal research interests are in methods for velocity-encoded phase-contrast MRI, and their use in studying flow of blood and CSF in the brain.

Dr. Markenroth Bloch is engaged in several international and local MRI communities, and in public outreach and popular science initiatives. She has been involved in the ISMRM in a range of capacities, including as a member of the Board of Trustees, the ISMRM High Field Study Group committee and the ISMRM and ESMRMB program committees.