18 Nov 2021
virtual, GatherTown

Dear Colleagues,

Despite the challenges posed by world events, the Skope community has seen growth and many successes. We would like to gather and celebrate the good progress from the year, and share with each other.

Come and learn about developments made in the Skope community this year by joining us at the 4th International Skope User Meeting on 18 November in GatherTown.

The theme for this event is ‘Skope 2.0 – new communities, advancing together’ which we believe reflects the addition of new user groups and labs around the world focusing on different research topics. This meeting will introduce some of those labs and their research, in addition to highlighting new results which move the community forward. The program includes:

  • Featured Scientific Presentations from several Skope users
  • Demonstrations of an integrated NeuroCam and Clip-on Camera Cranberry Edition
  • Short educational workshops highlighting field monitoring advances and workflows

Looking forward to learning from new and continuing members of our community on how your advances move us all forward!

Skope Team

Would you like to participate? Get in touch with us for more information.

Yasemin Rüst, Global Marketing Manager