08 Dec 2021
online event


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Discussion points of the webinar:

  • Why image the spinal cord with 7T MRI?
  • What major obstacles need to be overcome to realize the potential of ultra-high field spinal cord MRI?
  • Where is the path forward?

Johanna Vannesjö, Associate Professor

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

My research focuses on the dual themes of field fidelity and spinal cord MRI, as the latter depends strongly on the former. I take a particular interest in characterizing and improving the spatial and the temporal characteristics of the magnetic fields that perform the spatial encoding of signal in MRI. This includes gradient system characterization, dynamic shimming to tackle B0 field inhomogeneity and retrospective/prospective methods for addressing physiological B0 field fluctuations. The goal is to develop methods for improved field fidelity that are adapted to the specific conditions of spinal cord MRI, in order to obtain robust, high-resolution, high-quality, structural and functional images of the spinal cord.