05 Oct 2022
online event

In this talk, I will present our recent efforts in two diffusion imaging applications using strong gradients: measuring diffusion dispersion using oscillating diffusion gradients, and performing segmented diffusion acquisitions using motion-compensated diffusion sensitization. I will contextualize our efforts against a broader background for each subtopic, and I aim to highlight the influence of high-performance gradients on diffusion encoding as pertains to our work and in a more general sense.


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Discussion points of the webinar:

  • How can strong magnetic field gradients benefit diffusion MRI acquisitions?
  • What additional microstructural insights are offered by the use of oscillating diffusion gradients?
  • How can motion-compensated diffusion sensitization benefit segmented acquisitions?

Eric Michael, PhD student

Institute for Biomedical Engineering, ETH Zurich and University of Zurich

Eric Michael is a PhD student working under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Klaas Pruessmann at the Institute for Biomedical Engineering in Zurich, Switzerland. Eric’s doctoral research focuses on the investigation and development of advanced methods in diffusion MRI, in particular, through the utilization of high-performance magnetic field gradients.