26 - 28 Mar 2024
Erlangen, Germany

Intravoxel Incoherent Motion (IVIM) imaging provides a means for non-invasive simultaneous assessment of tissue water diffusion and perfusion characteristics by MRI without the need for an exogenous contrast agent. There is growing literature on IVIM supporting its value, with an exponential increase in the number of publications in the last decade. However, published results are to some extent contradicting, possibly due to methodological variations, thereby hindering the clinical adoption of the technique.

This workshop aims to bring together scientists and clinicians interested in IVIM to start the move towards consensus on the clinical and research use of IVIM. The workshop will include lectures, scientific presentations (orals and posters), and panel and roundtable discussions. Topics will span from the basics of the IVIM technique to common application in various body regions, to state-of-the-art methods for acquisition and processing, to validation and quality control, to future clinical applications, and novel developments such as flow-compensated IVIM. A significant portion of the workshop will be dedicated to activities aiming to facilitate starting the work on consensus—in particular, sessions enabling discussions in both larger and smaller groups.