22 - 23 Sep 2022
Zurich, Switzerland

The 5th edition of the Skope User Meeting, Effective usage of encoding field measurements – Applications and Integrations, is getting close!

We will be reunited for one and a half days in the beautiful city of  Zurich to exchange our latest developments and have the chance to meet the Skope community!

Here you will find all the information about the event:

22nd September, Thursday (full day)

Scientific Presentations:

  • Connectome 2.0: Developing the next generation human MRI scanner for bridging studies of the micro-, meso- and macro-connectome
    by Susie Y. Huang, MD, PhD (MGH)
  • Experience with First Integration of skope-i and Skope DFC into a GE MRI Environment
    by Adam B. Kerr, PhD (Stanford University)
  • T-Hex Spiral-In trajectory for rapid fMRI
    by Samuel Bianchi (IBT | ETH Zurich)

Trainee Research

  • Correction of phase errors in concurrent field monitoring
    by Paul Dubovan (Western Ontario)
  • B0 field monitoring and correction on 3D-SPARKLING fMRI data
    by Zaineb Amor (CEA)
  • Measuring RF field-induced temperature variations in brain MRI exams with motion compensated MRT and field monitoring
    by Dr. Caroline Le Ster (CEA)
  • Motion-compensated diffusion sensitization for segmented acquisitions
    by Eric Michael (IBT | ETH Zurich)
  • Monitoring head motion in a 7T MRI scanner using an NMR field camera
    by Laura Bortolotti, PhD (SPMIC University of Nottingham)

Community Progress

Networking & Dinner

23rd September, Friday (half day)


  • Workflow for 3T diffusion-weighted imaging with the NeuroCam
  • System characterization and field sensor capabilities at 7T
  • Reconstruction and data processing

Would you like to participate? Get in touch with us for more information.

Yasemin Rüst, Head of Marketing