2021 OHBM

Skope provides solutions which enable high integrity data for robust, fast and accurate MR imaging applied to MRI methods development, novel MR system development, MRI in neuroscience and research-oriented neuroradiology.


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Producing consistent, sensitive and reproducible MRI data with our solutions enables you to build a solid foundation to advance your fMRI and diffusion imaging as well as MR methods development.

Neuroscience Workflow
  • How many times have you dealt with artifacts that you were not able to correct because you did not know the source of them?
    Image artifacts have many causes, are often transient, and are difficult to diagnose. How much do artifacts impact images and how much do they hold back your research?
  • How many times did you just run your analyses on your standard acquisition just because it was already implemented but not optimized for you?
    Standard imaging sequences are designed to meet a wide array of needs and often make compromises, what would it mean if you could have sequences that are optimized for your applications or access to consensus sequences (i.e. HCP)?
  • How many times did you need to compromise scanning time, patient/participant comfort and image quality?
    Imaging studies are subject to many constraints: available scan time, subject comfort and compliance, and scanner capabilities. These constraints can all negatively impact image quality and study results.

We have a solution for you: the NeuroCam™, together with skope-i™ allows you to acquire your neuroimaging data free from corruption.


Reach out to us to discuss your applications to see how field monitoring can enable your application and how we can be your partner in scientific imaging!




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